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          External motivation refers to the performance of activities in order to attain an outcome. This motivation comes from outside of the individual. Common external motivational rewards (i.e. currency or praise) for showing the desired behavior, and the threat of punishment for misbehavior. Competition with others is in an extrinsic motivator because it encourages you to win and to beat others, not simply to enjoy the internal rewards of achieving your goals. Things like a cheering crowd and the desire to win a trophy are also external incentives. Some studies show excessive external rewards can lead to a decrease in an internal motivation. How is that possible? It is because people are unsatisfied with self?

Internal motivation serves as the foundation towards reaching goals and provides greater pleasure towards living a joyful life. However, external motivation does not mean that a person will not get any pleasure from working on or completing a task. It just means that the pleasure they anticipate from some external reward will continue to be a motivator even when the task to be done holds little or no interest. There are many external resources that you can use to accomplish your goals. Some examples include vision boards, physical environment, and anything else that can come to your imagination.

A life of joy begins with still and always begins with self. You still have to take care of business. These are your goals. You don’t need external motivation. It serves no purpose if you do not find the willpower from within. The sparks begins with you. Otherwise, no matter how much recognition and rewards you receive, your life will not be full of richness and self satisfaction. This is success on your terms. You may want to quit because you are not receiving enough external rewards, but remember joy begins from within.

Gerren V is the author of Combination 2 Success – The greatest guide to accomplishing goals in the 22nd Century. His eBook is available at  He explores motivational principles and exercises to assist individuals in successful living. This blog reveals the exploration of experiments and beseeches you to conduct research for your life. 


One comment on “FORCE AND FIRE by Gerren V

  1. Great emphasis on the natural origin of motivation. Society seems consistent entity wired to have persons looking outward for motivation, self worth and success, but places little to no emphasis on the importance of seeking to first uplift the greatness within.

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