Strategic Planning

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Strategic planning is essential to the success of the individual. This planning process includes evaluating self strengths and weaknesses. The identification of these areas can be helpful in accomplishing goals, as well as improvement opportunities.

The planning process can also outline opportunities for the organization and prepare for potential threats. Performing a self-assessment will provide knowledge that can be useful to the person and team members.

The spirit makes up one major opportunities of the person. Spiritual leaders utilize traditions that other leaders have used for many of years. This includes, but is not limited to the singing songs and performing rituals. This provides the person with an opportunity to become an integral part of church history. The planning process will help the person develop a vision, which can be used to carry out the mission. A properly developed vision may make the person and team members more comfortable with goals.

Another focus of the person is growth into life. This can include physical in terms of materials and helping team members spiritually grow to enhance their quality of life. Leaders are friendly and inviting to the community. They conduct activities with passion and show the importance of having loyalty to their goals. With all the information that can be received via different sources, such as personal relationships, Internet, television and music, we people must be conscious of our ability to lead others. This requires leaders remain current with marketing activities to reach out to the community. The person searches for ways to reach goals through various methods.

Integrity may be difficult to maintain in terms of leadership because perception from people will not always be accurate. Some people may state that integrity is remaining truthful 100% of the time, without taking consideration for a person’s feelings. Others may believe that integrity is upholding the mission of the universe. Leaders need to take responsibility for the activities and display integrity. Identifying weaknesses is useful because it provides leaders with opportunities to enhance their self.


Body of Motivation – Brain

Gerren V, Motivational Specialist. Cognitive skills that identify the importance of recognizing the strength within the power of thought. You have the potential ability to think anything and it is done. Imagine picking up 10000 pounds.